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Francesco Paolo Michetti - Guardiana di polli - olio su tela - 1877 - Chickens' guardian - oil on canvas - 1877


The members of the committee for the examination of art works are: Prof. Fabio Benzi,  Gianluca Berardi, Sabrina Spinazzè and Teresa Sacchi Lodispoto.

Roberto Lucifero, the artist’s heir, is an honorary member.

In order to register with our archive, owners of works of art by Francesco Paolo Michetti should send the following documentation to Galleria Berardi (Corso Rinascimento, 9, 00186 Roma):

A digital photo in colour (tiff with a minum of 300dpi) of the front and the back of the art work (to allow an in-depth examination of writings, stamps and tags);
Three colour photos 18cmx24cm;
A form with the following references: technique, measures, acknowledgement of any signatures, inscriptions, any information and historical data about the work(s), provenance, any exhibition tags on the reverse of art works.

Download the Registration  Form

All art works which qualify for our archive will be published in the catalogue raisonné which will be published by Electa in 2015. Owners of the works of art will be required to submit a written and signed statement in which they specify how they prefer to be cited in the catalogue. Photos of art works sent to us will be kept and archived; we will send back a photo with our statement on the reverse and the registration number in our archive.
All established works will be registered in our archive free of charge.

The research committee may decide that the further study of an art work is necessary, in this case, works must be sent to the Galleria Berardi without the frame and not later than the day in which the committee convenes.
The next meeting of the scientific committee will be on Saturday the 16th of May.

All costs associated with transport, delivery and collection of art works from and to the Galleria Berardi are to be met by the owners.
No second examination of any art work will be undertaken, regardless of the committee’s final judgment. The committee is under no obligation to justify evaluations.

The cost for registering is:
-100 Euro plus IVA for etchings
-150 Euro plus IVA for drawings
-from 200 to 300 Euro plus IVA for pastels and tempera on paper.
-from 200 to 300 Euro plus IVA for oil/tempera on canvas/board and sculptures.

A reduced rate is applicable when several works are submitted from the same collection.

A detailed critical analysis, including all historical data and critical review, can be obtained at the cost of Euro 800 plus IVA.
For any additional enquiries please email:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Francesco Paolo Michetti - Ritratto di donna - pastello su carta - 1891 - Woman portrait - pastel on paper - 1891
Francesco Paolo Michetti - La raccolta delle zucche - olio su tela- 1873 - the harvest of the pumpkins - oil on canvas - 1873