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Francesco Paolo Michetti - autoritratto giovanile olio su tela 1873 self portrait oil on canvas



The catalogue

The Archivio dell'Ottocento Romano, under the patronage of the Università degli Studi G. D'Annunzio Chieti Pescara, is in the process of editing the catalogue raisonné of Francesco Paolo Michetti‘s paintings, sculptures and graphic works. Sponsorship for this project has been provided by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Chieti, and logistical support has been given by the Galleria Berardi.
Michetti’s long artistic career was in constant evolution, and employed a multiplicity of techniques and styles. This makes him one of the leading figures of late nineteenth and early twentieth century Italian art.
Recent studies, such as the 1999 Rome exhibition curated by Fabio Benzi, together with Gianluca Berardi’s research, have provided new perspectives for the interpretation of the complex nature of Michetti’s aesthetic studies. This research has revealed the urgent necessity of a systematic and technical study of Michetti’s vast oeuvre.
The lack of a catalogue raisonné thus far has led to the proliferation of imitations, roughly contemporary with Michetti’s career, which has created a state of uncertainty among both scholars and collectors.
The cataloguing of Michetti’s works is thus an essential tool of critical clarity, of great importance if he is to be given the position he deserves in European art of this period. He employed a great variety of expressive techniques: from the minute realism of the type practised by Filippo Palizzi which characterised Michetti’s early career, to the highly polished idylls he created for the international market; from the formal simplicity of the ‘90s - where “all that is eccessive and without function [is] left out”, to quote his friend D’Annunzio - to the intangible and diaphanous images of his twentieth century “internal Impressionism”, carefully perfected and the product, above all, of tireless preliminary photographic studies.

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Francesco Paolo Michetti - Bagnante - tempera su tela post 1910 -
Francesco Paolo Michetti - Bozzetto per sposalizio in Abruzzo - pastello su carta - 1878 - draft for a wedding in Abruzzo - pastel on paper - after 1878